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Relationships: Keeping it fresh


So I know I talk about JorBabe a lil here and there but have never really done anything relationship-y on the blog. I’m no expert but I know that Jor and I are prettyyy good at keeping things fresh and exciting. I think the number one thing for us is to always always always have date days/nights. Never stop dating your mate. Always dedicate at least one night a week to get dressed up and celebrate life and each other!

We love to be out around people and we love to try new things so we are constantly researching new things via Yelp and Google. We will do anything whether it’s a hike, breakfast, drinks, desserts, plays, golf, day road trips, theme parks, etc. etc. etc.

We are also HUGE on babecations but more on those later.

Another fave of ours is to put together a little food/drink tour. Sometimes we will pick a place that we’ve heard has amazing cocktails and we’ll start with a drink there. Next, we’ll head to a new place we heard about for the main dish and then another lil hip place for dessert!

A few weekends ago we decided to do a Tour De Tustin and grabbed our beach cruisers and headed out for a lil day drinking.


We started at Tustin Brewing Company because they have the BEST red ale you’ll ever have. If you’re in the area, you MUST go there and you MUST get the Red Hill Red. It’s seriously the best. Their steak nachos and buffalo wings are also TO DIE FOR. They are slightly healthier than the normal nachos and wings so you don’t feel as guilty eating them. JorBabe and I spend all of March Madness here. They have a ton of TVs and it’s within walking distance so we can enjoy ourselves a little more than normal.

After our the Red Hill Reds, we decided to bike down the street to Old Town Tustin. OTT is seriously SO cute. The entire El Camino Real street is lined with beautiful trees, quaint shops and fun bars/restaurants!


We talked one of our friends into coming out with us and we all headed to Quinn’s for some mimosas. Quinn’s is a super cute lil Irish bar that used to be one of the hippest places in T-town. The owner decided to get rid of the live music so it’s no longer a destination stop but more of a little refresher stop.

After a mimosa…or two… and some reminiscing, we walked on down the street to another fave new place called The Black Marlin.


This place is a ton of fun! They are always putting on new events and always have live music.  It’s become very popular and is near to impossible to get a seat unless you show up early. The food is pretty decent but the Coronado Mermaid Red is where it’s at.

JorBabe and I both had the red (and tons of water) and then we all decided it’d prob be a good idea to get a meal in us. We went for a cup of their chili and were all in heaven. If you’re ever looking for a great chili, go hereeee!

<<<Side note: The Black Marlin has the best breakfast burritos we’ve found near us but they only serve them until 11am. These suckers are huge so make sure you split one if you’re not a big eater!>>>


The Swinging Door was our last and final stop. It’s a total dive bar but can be a blast if you’re with the right crowd.  The pros of this place are the jukebox and the pool table. The cons? The jukebox. We had to take it over and fill up a few hours worth of music to avoid having to listen to the awful music some random guy kept playing.

Our little Tour De Tustin was such a blast! There’s something about discovering new things with your mate that just keeps everything exciting. I mean, we also have our faves that we go back to but the newness is where it’s at for us. We are both so adventurous and there is so much out there to see so it works out:)