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Get your smooth on with the sexy smoothie


Honestly, I’m not sure why I even call it the sexy smoothie. Maybe it’s the spinach? Orrrrr maybe it’s the dark chocolate + the dark cherries? That sounds a little more tantalizing.

Super yums. Super easy. Super seductive.

Anywho, this is one of my favorites for a hot day or a favorite to help cool off after a workout!

Last week it was SUPER beautiful out so I definitely combined laying out with working out. Yep, I was that weirdo working out in my bikini (with tons of sunscreen of course!). But when there are only so many hours in a day, you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus, there are a ton of great workouts that do not require any equipment! Maybe I’ll have to get some backyard bikini workouts posted for y’all to try.



The Sexy Smoothie:

♥ Handful of spinach

 1 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen dark cherries

1 cup of full fat coconut milk

6 ice cubes

 Optional: 1 scoop of protein powder  (I prefer not to take protein powders but do you)

Blend it all together + top with cacao nibs, chopped walnut + unsweetened coconut shreds.

I love using the coconut milk because it makes it creamy + delish!


+ can we just talk about how great cherries are for you?!

FULL of antioxidants – these antioxidants slow aging, fight free radicals + prevent cancer + heart disease

Aids in weight loss (ladiesssss) – the high water content mixed with high fiber fill you up quickly + keep you full much longer

Boosts melatonin levels – perfect for helping with the much needed beauty sleep

 Pain relief – reduce pain related to inflammation, arthritis + gout

Bone health – increased bone health when taken in conjunction with magnesium + calcium

Protection from diabetes

Reduce risk of stroke



I’m also a HUGE fan of unsweetened dried cherries. I add them to yogurt, oatmeal, oats, chia pudding, etc. They are also great mixed with raw almonds for a mid-afternoon snacky.

Stay sultry, babes ♥ XX