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Pineapple Salsa



So I totally made this by accident. I mean, it’s not hard but I was left with too much pineapple (WAIT..Is there ever such a thing as too much pineapple?!) and it had already been tossed with a little black pepper and fresh garlic. I was not about to save that and eat it for breakfast because…ummm…EW. So I whipped this up and it was basically a party in my mouth.

Monday was awesome. I had a total me day and did what I wanted to do. Every Monday I like to cook dinner for the family and always try to come up with something new and healthy.

I originally wanted Sea Bass but could not find it anywhereeeee! Unless I wanted to buy that nasty farmed frozen stuff. No thanks.

What’s up with that?! Not in season or what?

SO, I went with some Halibut and it was a great choice. I blackened it with a little black pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper, garlic and pink Himalayan salt. SO YUM. All you gotta do is add a little coconut oil to each side, sprinkle on your mixture and throw it on the grill!


One of our family faves is grilled veggies so we added those for the side. We invested in a grill basket and it’s the best thing ever. We chop up some zucchini, squash, red onions, pineapple, throw in some cherry tomatoes and toss it with black pepper and garlic. Then we put it on the grill and flip it a few times and it comes out so freakin’ good. We also squeeze some lemon and lime on it for extra flavor!

So, that’s where the extra pineapple covered in black pepper and garlic comes in. I kind of had a freak out because there was no way I was about to waste the pineapple.

And then I remembered that we were having Halibut and it’d probably be delish with a little pineapple salsa on top! Happy tears, happy tears.


Pineapple Salsa:

chopped pineapple

fresh mint leaves, chopped

1 lime, juiced

fresh jalapeños or green chile, chopped

black pepper and fresh garlic to taste

Throw everything together and it’s purrrrrrfect! And see how flippin easy?! Just be careful not to add too much spice as the blackening on the fish is already spicy enough.



This stuff is real good and can be used on pretty much anything. I would love to throw it in with some pollo/carne asada. Yumm.

OH, has anyone seen The Secret Law Of Attraction?! If not, watch it now. NOW.

It’s so good and really puts you in your place. AND it’s so freaking motivating! Everytime I’m lacking inspo, I will def be watching this.

My whole attitude on careers, relationships and health has totally changed and I love it! I started journaling a little so maybe I’ll spill some thoughts onto the blog at some point:)

<<<we wrote a little about it here on Bowed Arrows!>>>

Go watch, babes!