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Finding Inspiration


{My fave place with my fave human♥}

Do you ever get so mentally drained that you just don’t want to think about ANYTHING anymore?

That’s about where I’m at right now.

Starting up a couple of projects for work on top of a few other projects I have going on is exhausting. ESP when it’s shark week (a.k.a. that time of the month). TMI? Sorrryyyy bout it.

Anyways, I know we all hit those walls sometimes and need to figure out how to get that inspiration back and how to keep on keepin’ on.

Sooo, how do you do it?

I like to do my favorite things- the things that make me the happiest girl in the world.


{El Morro Canyon – one of the most magical places♥}

I LOVE to be outside in the sun with nature.

My ultimate favorite is to head to the beach and just lay there alllll day with some good tunes and great company. Sometimes, I like to go alone and bring a good book and just spend some quality time with myself. It’s seriously one of the best ways to recharge because you can just sit there and not say a word all day.

I also love anything fitness so hikes are another way I can get my inspo back. Working out is so great for the mind and the body so working out outside is killerrrr when it comes to helping you get your inspo back.


{Carl Lykken Trail in Palm Springs♥}


{Crystal Cove♥}

There is just something about being outside with nature that is so soothing. You can’t hear any cars, all you can hear are birds chirping and the waves crashing or the trees rustling.


Sometimes it’s easier said than done but you gotta take any chance you get to put yourself first. Go do what makes your happiest self because that’s the only way to keep the people around you happy too.