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Super Skinny Limey Coconut Margaritas


So this marg is good, real good. I’m a hugeeee fan of tequila, coconut + margaritas so this hits all the spots!

But I’m super picky about my margs. I don’t want any of that nasty sweet + sour crap in my drink. Not only does it completely ruin the flavor of my tequila, but it also gives me an awful tummy ache, pumps too much sugar into my bloodstream + adds wayy too manyy cals. NO THANKS.


I like the skinny marg with the lime juice + a lil agave. That’s my jam when I’m out gettin’ my fiesta on.

I’ve kind of been spoiled because both my mom + my aunt make the most amazing margs you will ever have in your life. + it’s really hard to find a marg like theirs ANYWHERE so whenever I’m in the mood for a marg (which is basically every damn day), I like to convince everyone to come over for a little fiesta + whip up some healthy margs for us all to enjoy!


Coconut Margaritas:

1 shot of tequila of choice

4 limes, squeezed

coconut water

coconut creme stevia (can sub pure organic honey or agave)

unsweetened shredded coconut



Rub leftover lime around the rim of your glass + dip into shredded coconut. Fill glass with ice + pour in your shot of tequila. Next add the fresh squeezed lime juice. Fill the rest of your glass with coconut water + add a few drops of coconut stevia. Stir + enjoy!

If you’re not a huge tequila fan, add a lil more stevia or agave/honey to this. + try to find a tequila you really love. I used Patron here but it’s def not my fave. On the cheaper end, I LOVEEE Milagro Silver. It’s super smooth + almost has a sweeter finish so would go great with these!


I know we’re all getting ready for bikini season + doing our best to workout + stay on track so this is a perfect alternative to the nasty fake margs + pints of beer.

+ didn’t they just come out with something saying tequila helps you lose weight?! I’ll take TEN of these. Jkjkjk – everything in moderation no matter what, people!

Try + slowly make little changes like this to your lifestyle. Start choosing the healthier alternative always. I’m all about the 80/20 or 90/10 lifestyle. I try to eat as clean as possible 80-90% of the time + then let myself enjoy and indulge in things that aren’t so great for me 10-20% of the time. It works great, keeps me happy + then I don’t stress about my weight or the food I’m eating!