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Worry Free Beauty Faves

Sooo I totally jumped on that whole healthy eating train but totally failed to realize (until the last few months) that everyday health and beauty products are also full of junk!

I was so worried about eating right and not putting certain things into my body when it came to eating that I just didn’t pay attention to anything else.

Of course, I’m not 100% perfect because I still love my Hot Cheetos but I have become a lot more conscious than I used to be.

As of late, I’ve been doing what I can to find healthier options for me without becoming too obsessive and extreme.

Let’s be honest, I am in no way ready to commit to all organic everything-

1. Because it gets super expensive


2. I am not even close to being ready to part with my favorite mascara, Maybelline Falsies.

Here are a few of my favorite “worry free” beauty products that I have switched over to and just loveeeeee.


I started breaking out on my back and it’s been freaking me out (insert crying emoji here).

I stopped alcohol and sugar (still off the sugar for my health) but it was still happening soooo I started to think it was the shampoo and conditioner I was using.

I found this brand at Target and it made me pretty happy. It’s only $10 a bottle and has a super short list of ingredients. I started comparing the shampoo I was using to others I wanted and realized how long those ingredients lists are. SCARYYY. Next time you’re in the shower, check it out.

This is a brand I was recommended but have yet to try. They are a little pricier but probably one of the better, less expensive “safe” brands out there! R+Co


When the breakouts started, I immediately switched out my body wash for this amazingggg soap! It’s organic, it’s fair trade and it smells SO good.

I hate showers. A lot. Like, so many other things I can get done with those 20 minutes and while I’m showering, all I’m thinking about are those things. The lavender really helps calm me down and enjoy my free time in the shower.

Seriously, love this stuff and you can also find it at Target or your local health food store!


I’ve done my essential oil posts before (here and here) but I’ve collected many more since then. doTerra is my absolute fave because they are so pure that you can ingest most of them. There are soooo many benefits to essential oils and they really help cure you in a natural way.

I LOVEEE to put the citrus oils in my water.

For stress, I am all about the lavender, serenity and balance. We have a diffuser in our bedroom and diffuse these oils nightly. It really relaxes you and helps you sleep more soundly.

Melaleuca is great for itchy scalp or zit zapper.

Deep Blue is my savior when it comes to working out and sore muscles.

I seriously could go on and on and on but there are just sooo many!


doTerra also makes an amazing toothpaste! I’m all about the anise-y, cinnamon-y taste and who doesn’t want an all natural teeth whitener?! Places like Sprouts, Whole Foods and Mother’s have some great natural toothpastes as well so be sure to test them all out until you find the one you like!


These salt sticks are my favorite way to deodorize because they work great, last forever and are actually safe! So many deodorants these days have harsh chemicals in them to prevent you from perspiring but that is so bad. SO bad. All those nasty toxins stay inside of you, build up and can cause breast cancer. Nooo thank you! Let’s save the tatas together!

I’m also huge on using coconut oil as a moisturizer. I bought two HUGE jars at Costco and use one for cooking and one for the bod.

SO amazing and so silky smooth!

Long post but had to share! What are some of your favorite “worry free” beauty products? I’m always looking for more!


Golden Milk: Anything gold hits a soft spot


Gold is one of my favorite colors. Yes, I know it has nothing to do with this drank but still. I love gold + Golden Milk is even more my favie because of this.

Okay, so it’s more yellow than gold but let a girl fantasize.

When I first heard about Golden Milk, I seriously was not interested (except for the whole obsession with anything gold/golden). Who in their right mind would want to drink Turmeric? Disgusting.


But then I read a little more about turmeric + its amazing health benefits + thought I’d give it a shot.

…++++++++ IT’S AMAZING.

A lot of people put it into their fresh juices + now I see why.

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory meaning it fights foreign objects in the body + aids in damage repair.


Some other benefits (full details here) include: increased antioxidant capacity (fights free radicals), improved brain function, lowers risk of brain disease, lowers risk of heart disease, can help prevent cancer + Alzheimer’s, helps treat arthritis, fights depression, + may help delay aging (sign me up!).


As you can see, this should be another amazing addition to your diet. Healthy minds + healthy bodies are where it’s at.


Golden Milk:

  • Step 1: Turmeric Paste
    • 1/4 cup turmeric powder
    • 1/2 TSP groung black pepper (this helps increase your body’s absorption of Turmeric by 2000%! More here)
    • 1/2 cup filtered water

Mix all ingredients in a small pan + stir well. Turn to med-high heat + stir constantly until it forms into a thick paste. This will only take about 1-2 minutes so don’t go anywhere! You do not want to burn this because it will lead to a majorrrrr cough attack. Let cool + keep in a jar in the refrigerator.


  • Step 2: Golden Milk
    • 1 cup almond milk (REMEMBER: NO CARAGEENAN)
    • 1 TSP coconut oil (remember why we LOVE coconut oil)
    • 1/4 TSP or more of turmeric paste (I use about 1 TSP but start small)
    • honey to taste

Throw all ingredients into a pan except for the honey. Constantly stir over med heat for about 2-3 minutes- just don’t let it boil. Pour into your fav mug + add a lil honey!


Anyone have any variations of this? I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk + left out the honey. Such a tasty treat to wake up to! Or even enjoy before bed. You can’t go wrong with a lil warm milk before sleepy time.


Coconut oil here | Turmeric powder here

Cold + Flu season is back. Again. Ew.


I’m a total Caloweenie (California weenie) when it comes to winter. Like, ‘brrrrrr I need to hibernate’ weenie. I don’t hate it but I just loveeee being warm + would much rather be soakin’ up the sun on the beach in a bikini. Thankfully Southern California winters aren’t that bad.

This one time, I moved to Nebraska (Yea, GENIUS idea huh?) + I about died because it was so cold.

Anyways, back to cold + flu season. Wahhwahh. It seems that everyone + their mother is constantly sick during the fluson (flu season) + I do my best to stay away. I’m one of those people that avoids shaking hands at all costs + if I am forced to shake hands with someone, I book it (think speed lightning fast) to the bathroom to scrub-a-dub as soon as they’ve walked away. Or I slather myself with hand sanitizer.

BUT…we all aren’t perfect + sometimes I forget to wash my hands enough times in the day to get rid of all the germs I’ve touched. Those nasty little guys are everywhereee.


That’s where Oregano Oil comes to the rescue. It’s seriously my hero. This stuff is killer when it comes to bringing you back from your cold/flu death bed. I like to take 4-5 drops about 4 times a day until my symptoms have disappeared. I mix mine with a little warm water in a shot glass + pretend I’m taking shots instead of trying not to die (being totally dramatic here). If you take it alone, it will cause a burning sensation in your throat. I don’t suggest trying it.


Oregano Oil has extremely high levels of free-radical crushing antioxidants + can help in a multitude of ways. Not only is it great for the common cold/flu but it is also used to fight nasty infections, protect against harmful organisms, aid in digestion and menstruation, fight allergies, aid in weight loss + ease discomfort from arthritis, backaches + carpal tunnel.


Now that’s the stuff I want slaying my colds- not some freakish cold medicine made by humans in a laboratory. That fake stuff doesn’t heal you, it simply alleviates your symptoms for a small period of time. LAME! Sooo with that being said, put the good stuff into your body.

Anyone else share my love for this? Or have another natural remedy they use to rid their sickies? My dad swears by a couple chewable Vitamin C in his ginormous glass of champagne, hah! I’ll admit that I do use this as an excuse to drink more champagne. I. LOVE. CHAMPAGNE. I so am my father’s daughter♥

Hope everyone stays healthy this fluson! xx

||Oregano Oil found here||