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DIY: Glam Plant Pots


The other day I was grocery shopping at Sprouts and saw all of these adorable house plants. I seriously wanted to take home every single one of them and turn into a plant lady but HUGE prob with that…I can’t keep a plant alive for the life of me. Not even a succulent that can basically survive on its own. I can do a lot of things really well but keeping a plant alive is not one of them.

But I bought one anyway. I am determined to keep one alive and if it works, I can go back and buy some more!

I chose one that requires very little watering and indirect sunlight so it should thrive in my bedroom…I hope (on my hands and knees PRAYING).

And then I made this frickin’ ADORBS plant pot for it.


→Glam Plant Pot←


ceramic pot (I found mine at Michael’s)

acrylic paint


modge podge


painters tape

 alphabet stickers in your fave font to spell out your saying


1. Paint your pot white. I used about 2-3 coats.

2. Once your pot is completely dry, tape off a section to glitter.

3. Working in thirds, paint on the modge podge and coat in glitter. Don’t be afraid to get glitter on the paint brush because it will come off. Once this dries, seal with a coat of MP.

4. Modge podge your alphabet stickers and coat in glitter. Once this dries, put another coat of MP on top to seal it.

5. When your pot is completely dry, remove the tape and add your stickers! I used a little bit of E6000 glue on the back because mine were a little thicker and I wanted to make sure they will stay put.



>>>You can totally be creative with this one. Use smaller stickers for a longer saying like, “Messy hair don’t care” or “Feed me”. Have fun with it and choose what suits you!<<<

My plant is a total BABE and she is going to be stylin’ in her new home…as long as she survives.



SHE WILL SURVIVE, SHE WILL SURVIVE, SHE WILL SURVIVE. Maybe if I say it enough times it’ll happen.

If anyone has any tips for me, they would be very much appreciated! I must learn to keep plants alive!