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Lil Loves: NYE 2015 – Are you ready?!

NYE2015{Ribbon details}

Hokay, I am SOOO ready for some (okay…A LOT) of bubbly + celebrating with my beautiful friends + family! I’m also overly excited for 2015 with all that is going on with this bloggy + my lil bizznass with my BFF, Bowed Arrows <<<lauching Jan. 5th – WOO>>>

Yesterday, we did a couple of interviews with some amazing ladies + will feature them as our Bowed Arrow Babes when the blog launches!

Life has been so busy lately! Two blogs, holiday season, concerts, parties, etc. etc. etc. I am just so ready for a night of relaxing fun!

NYE2015_3{gold fringe everywhere}

NYE2015_8{gold doilies + my fave dessert display}

This year JorBabe + I decided we are way over the whole club scene for NYE. So many people, drink lines that are way too long, + bathroom lines that are even longer. + then you’re there with only a few of your fave people + a ton of strangers. These nights are always so anti-climatic.

This year is going to be a blasty. We are throwing our own lil shindig + could not be more excited! Everyone is going to dress up, nibble on some delish food, play too many games of CAH + beer pong, take too many photo booth pics + get their groove thang on. Talk about starting the New Year right!

NYE2015_9{photo booth props}

NYE2015_7{metallicized champagne bottles}

These are a few snaps I took of the set-up (of course no where near complete but I needed some pics for you all!!). We’re going with black, gold + some silver- glitz everywhere!

We also thought it’d be fun to put up a NY’s resolution banner + have everyone write their NY’s resolutions on it!

NYE2015_4{balloons + NY resolution door banner}

NYE2015_10{confetti-so necessary}

Speaking of resolutions…has anyone made their list yet?! We are starting our year off with a sugar-free, sober January. We did it last year + it felt so amazing to detox from all of the alch/sweets we consumed during the holidays.

I’m also setting some personal goals to read more, take more time for myself + focus on getting back to the shape I was in pre-surgery. Of course I’ll throw in some more detailed ones when Jor + I write our lists out.

NYE2015_5{bottles + horns}

NYE2015_6{my sexy navy lace number♥}

We’ll also be cleaning out our memory jar + reminiscing on all of the fun we had in 2014. This is one of my favorite things to do!

Couples tip: Make a memory jar together + throw in memorabilia from all of the fun things you do. At the end of the year, go through it with your significant other + giggle about all of the fun you had.  Such a great way to get close + connect!

Hope everyone has a safe + fab NYE full of all of the bubbly in the world! xx