Almond Cups


I am HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Reese’s PB Cups because what’s better than chocolate and PB?! Not much.

I used to eat these all of the time but now it’s a rare occasion that I will actually indulge in one.

Refined sugar is just SO bad for you and lately, sugar has been messing me up a little more than normal. Hello zits and fatigue!

About a year ago is when I really started to become aware of all of the refined sugar that I was consuming and put a halt to it. I don’t stay away 100% because that’s not realistic but I do try and look for healthier alternatives when I can.

And guess what? I haven’t been sick since! I used to get a lot of colds throughout the year but now my immune system is kickin’ strong.

My PB and chocolate addiction is serious and these hit the spot. They are clean and have NO refined sugar in them! They are the PERF replacement to Reese’s PB Cups! DIE.



→Almond Cups←

For the base:

3/4 cup almond meal

1/4 oat flour

2 TBSP raw almond butter

1 1/2 TBSP coconut oil

1 1/2 TBSP maple syrup

1/4 TSP cinnamon

1/4 TSP vanilla

pinch of pink himalayan salt

For the topping:

3 TBSP coconut oil

3 TBSP maple syrup

2 TBSP cacao powder

pinch of pink himalayan salt



Combine base ingredients into a bowl and stir until well combined. It should be a cookie dough like consistency. Press mixture into the bottom of your muffin tin pans. You can use mini or regular size. I don’t own a mini muffin tin so I used the regular size and it made about 7. Next, combine your topping ingredients and whisk until well combined. Spoon chocolate sauce evenly onto the tops. Sprinkle with a dash of salt and add an almond for garnish. Pop these into the freezer for about 45 minutes. Serve straight from the freezer!



These are super addicting so be careful! When you’re ready to serve them, you’ll need to pop them out with a knife. I start to go around the edges with the knife and it pops out pretty easily.

143% boyfran and dad approved. My guys LOVE these! It’s hard to even get your hands on one when they are around.


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