Gone Pickin': Los Rios Rancho


Adventures keep me feelin’ young. That + I get really bad anxiety when I’m doing nothing productive with my free time. I’ve really had to teach myself how to be lazy + enjoy a random day in front of the TV in my sweats. It doesn’t happen often but I’m proud to say that I’ve mastered a few of those days in my life.


I feel like there is just too much beauty out there to see + not enough time. I want to see everything + be everywhere so JorBabe + I are always checking out local places or taking short day trips. We can’t get enough! Side note: This is grrrreat for relationships because it keeps everything super exciting + really brings you closer as a couple.

I’d heard so many times from my hair stylist how awesome Los Rios Rancho is but never took the time to check it out. + we were totally missing out. This place is the cutest ever!


It resides in Oak Glen with quite a few other apple farms but this one has it going on. It’s at the very end of Oak Glen + such a lil beaut!

When we got there we walked up to the cutest little stand where they explained the different types of apples + handed us a bag, a map + sent us on our way.


We could not get over the beauty that surrounded us. Most of the pictures we took were totally #nofilter pics because it is THAT gorgeous there.

After we picked a few LBS of apples, we went over to check out the pumpkin patch. There were a ton of different pumpkins to pick! Like, actually pick off the vine + not from some pile of transported pumpkins.


After all the pickin’ fun, we paid for our treasures + walked down the street to their party area where we got crazy on some amazing BBQ + organic apple cider slushies (so freakin’ yummy!). There is so much to do there: pig out on great food (bbq, apple pie, grilled corn, cookies, etc.), make your own cider, shop + picnic in the park (OUR FAVE).

I almost forgot to mention that the apples are ORGANIC?! Who doesn’t love organic apples??


I totally planned on bringing the apples home to make some amaze healthy dessert the following weekend but shoutout to my father for eating them all! Every. last. one. So now you all can ask him if they were any good because I wouldn’t know.¬†Thanks, pops:)! J/K- loveeee you!!

OH. We also brought a fresh apple pie home for our little family dinner party that evening…that also disappeared before we even had a chance to try any!

Looks like we will be going back next year.


| Los Rios Rancho here |

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