Wanderlust Globe

So I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted but I’m back and ready to dive in again!

Over the last couple of months, A LOT has happened.

My nephew was born in March, JorBabe and I got married in April, we bought a dog in May and went on the most epic honeymoon of all honeymoons in June. I also partnered up with OC Goodwill to do some DIY blog posts (here and here) during that time! (I clearly have quite a few posts to catch up on)

I’ve had such a blast thrifting at the local Goodwill stores and putting some fun projects together.

My latest DIY has me swooning as it’s something I’ve been wanting to do since forever but just never worked out. Globes can be expensive and I wasn’t about to spend a ton of money on one just to cover it up.

Here are a few photos of the project but to see the full details, you’ll have to check it out on OC Goodwill’s blog (CLICK CLICK CLICK)

Wanderlust Globe


Wanderlust Globe


I’m so in love with the quote I decided to put on it. It’s simple, yet it really hits home.

Our favorite thing about traveling to new places is being submerged into the culture there. We love to make friends with the locals and live like the locals do. Everywhere we go, we fall in love and leave a big piece of our heart there. We’ve met some amazing people on our trips and hope to stay in contact with them for the rest of our days.

Speaking of traveling, JorBabe and I are currently planning our next adventure. If you have any recs, let us know. Definitely something tropical!

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