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REALLL Lavender Lemonade


Anyone ever been to Native Foods and had their lavender lemonade?!

Honestly, it’s sooo good. I love their entire menu, but I love their lavender lemonade more. If it was acceptable to guzzle down 5 gallons of this stuff instead of eating, I totally would.

JK. Kindaaaa.

If you haven’t had it, you must drop everything and get there now. Plane, train or automobile, you must do what it takes.

Orrrr I guess you could save the $$$ and the headache and just make your own with this lovely little recipe. It’s not their recipe but it’s pretty darn close. And I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that it’s much much healthier!



Lavender Lemonade:

1/2 – 1 cup raw honey (start small and add more if needed)

 6 cups water

1-2 drop(s) lavender essential oil

 8 lemons, peeled and juiced (I used meyer lemons bc they are a little sweeter so you don’t have to use as much honey)

Lavender sprigs for garnish



Combine all ingredients into a glass pitcher and chill. To serve, pour over a few glasses of crushed ice and garnish with lavender sprigs.

<<<I also threw in some roses because I love roses/rose oil>>>

Sooooo it’s said that this magical recipe is supposed to cure headaches and anxiety. I get killer anxiety and swear by lavender oil {more here}. It calms the senses and while it’s one of the most powerful herbs, it is also the most gentle. I’ve been so busy/stressed lately that it’s really the only thing keeping me sane!

Lavender oil possesses amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, analgesic, detoxifier, hypotensive, and sedative properties.



I actually just stocked up on quite a few essential oils and am SO excited to be able to start turning to them when needed! I am not one to take meds. I’d rather suffer through the sickness or the pain than take that crap. Now I don’t have to, all thanks to the best essential oils in the world. They are seriously life changing. I highly recommend looking into them!

I think I’ll add a little wild orange oil or some lime oil to my next batch. YUM!


P.S. totally added shot of tequila to this for dinner last night too…ohemgeeee good!

Date Me Coconut Milk Creamer


If you know me, you know that I love my coffee. I have tried super hard to kick it but I’m too far gone. It’s not even the caffeine that I need- It’s the smell and the taste that I’m just in lurve with!

I use to be so super duper into this cinnamon coffee creamer that you could only find at Von’s grocery store until I started becoming more health conscious and learned just how awful that stuff is for you. Since then I’ve slowly converted my coffee-loving fam bam to the good side and we’ll never turn back.

I posted this Coconut Milk Creamer recipe a few months ago and while I loveeee it, I thought I’d test out another option. Of course I am still using my full fat coconut milk because it’s my jam but instead of using coconut sugar or honey, I thought I’d try it out with some dates. Dates are GREAT natural sweeteners. I highly recommend adding them to smoothies! I perfected my favorite smoothie recipe and def cannot live without the dates now.


Date Me Coco Creamer:

2 cans full-fat organic coconut milk

6 organic dates, pitted


oil/flavoring of choice (optional)


Put your cans of coconut milk creamer into the fridge for about 3 hours. When it’s ready to go, soak your dates in warm water for about 10 minutes. Next, empty the coconut milks into a blender, add dates, cinnamon and flavoring. Blend well! I find the best way to store it is in fun mason jars!


I like to test out different flavors. This time I’m using the organic almond flavoring for a sexy amaretto creamer. Next, I think I’ll test out an orange creamer and use some of my doTerra Wild Orange essential oil in it! All it takes is a drop or two and the possibilities are endless!

It’s so great to be able to enjoy my coffee guilt-free now! As of late, I am loving the organic dark roast from our local coffee shop.

Mmm Mmm Mmm!


Super Skinny Limey Coconut Margaritas


So this marg is good, real good. I’m a hugeeee fan of tequila, coconut + margaritas so this hits all the spots!

But I’m super picky about my margs. I don’t want any of that nasty sweet + sour crap in my drink. Not only does it completely ruin the flavor of my tequila, but it also gives me an awful tummy ache, pumps too much sugar into my bloodstream + adds wayy too manyy cals. NO THANKS.


I like the skinny marg with the lime juice + a lil agave. That’s my jam when I’m out gettin’ my fiesta on.

I’ve kind of been spoiled because both my mom + my aunt make the most amazing margs you will ever have in your life. + it’s really hard to find a marg like theirs ANYWHERE so whenever I’m in the mood for a marg (which is basically every damn day), I like to convince everyone to come over for a little fiesta + whip up some healthy margs for us all to enjoy!


Coconut Margaritas:

1 shot of tequila of choice

4 limes, squeezed

coconut water

coconut creme stevia (can sub pure organic honey or agave)

unsweetened shredded coconut



Rub leftover lime around the rim of your glass + dip into shredded coconut. Fill glass with ice + pour in your shot of tequila. Next add the fresh squeezed lime juice. Fill the rest of your glass with coconut water + add a few drops of coconut stevia. Stir + enjoy!

If you’re not a huge tequila fan, add a lil more stevia or agave/honey to this. + try to find a tequila you really love. I used Patron here but it’s def not my fave. On the cheaper end, I LOVEEE Milagro Silver. It’s super smooth + almost has a sweeter finish so would go great with these!


I know we’re all getting ready for bikini season + doing our best to workout + stay on track so this is a perfect alternative to the nasty fake margs + pints of beer.

+ didn’t they just come out with something saying tequila helps you lose weight?! I’ll take TEN of these. Jkjkjk – everything in moderation no matter what, people!

Try + slowly make little changes like this to your lifestyle. Start choosing the healthier alternative always. I’m all about the 80/20 or 90/10 lifestyle. I try to eat as clean as possible 80-90% of the time + then let myself enjoy and indulge in things that aren’t so great for me 10-20% of the time. It works great, keeps me happy + then I don’t stress about my weight or the food I’m eating!


A delicious fresh juice that’ll make your fav cocktails that much better


I’m a BIG champs/mimosa drinker and I used to use store bought OJ like nobody’s business. + then I realized how awful it was! It’s loaded with refined sugar + some other crap that does not need to enter the bod.

That’s why I decided to start making my own juice. There is nothing like fresh squeezed OJ in your mimosa! I also love to mix it up + put some Suja juice into the champs! My favorites are Spark + Fuel! It makes me feel slightly better about drinking the champs when I’m mixing it with some fresh, good for you, juice!

Over the holidays there was a TON of drinking (hence why I’m partaking in Sobes January right meow) + getting creative. We started tossing watermelon cubes into our champs + then thought about some lovely watermelon juice cocktails!


Now, fresh watermelon juice is my jam. It’s sooo freakin delish! I could drink it all day, everyday. No joke.

Umm + it’s super easy to whip up! You don’t need a juicer for this one!

Watermelon Juice:

♥ 1 small, seedless watermelon

♥ key limes

Cut your watermelon + remove the rinds. Chop into cubes + toss into your blender. Squeeze as many limes as you want. We love lime here so we probably used about 10-12. Now, blend!




Put a little champs in a glass + add some fresh watermelon juice!

We also used this at a family party + made some ridiculously good watermelon margaritas!



Watermelon is really good for you!

  • helps prevent kidney disorders
  • aids in lowering blood pressure
  • helps prevent cancer
  • helps prevent diabetes
  • helps prevent heart disease
  • helps prevent heat stroke
  • helps prevent macular degeneration
  • helps prevent impotence <–meeeOWW;)
  • it contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin C & A, Thiamin and Managnese


+ now that it’s Sobes January, I’m enjoying this yummy mocktail! All it is, is a little Pellegrino + some fresh watermelon juice! The possibilities are endless here.

Have fun whipping this up + be sure to let me know what kind of cocktail/mocktail you create!


Coconut milk creamer: Buh-bye fake stuff!


Okay, EW, have you ever taken the time to look at the ingredients in your coffee creamer? I’m actually super upset (but my body is praising me) that I did because I was so head-over-heels-in-love with the cinnamon coffee creamer that I was completely addicted to it.

Because it is sooo bad for you, we had to break up + it wasn’t pretty. Withdrawals + everything.

+ then I found something better: full-fat coconut milk.


This stuff is real goooood. If you’re into that whole super sweet thing then you are going to want to add stevia or honey to it. I add a bit of coconut sugar just to kill the bitterness. And then cinnamon OF COURSE.

It takes a little more effort as you need to make it yourself (because that’s so hard, right?) + prep it a little more often. I wouldn’t make more than one at a time because the coconut milk goes rancid if you don’t use it fast enough. And it’s bad. It ruins your coffee + then ruins your mood because it ruined your coffee. Nono, we don’t like that.


Also, remember to wash the jar each time. We don’t need any hanging out, waiting to ruin the new batch.

Coconut Milk Creamer:

  • 1 can of organic full-fat coconut milk
  • 1-2 TBS of coconut sugar (use stevia or honey if you like it sweeter)
  • 2 TSP cinnamon

Combine all ingredients into a mason jar and stir/shake. Place this in the fridge to use for your morning (or afternoon pick-me-up) coffee. Just remember to shake a few times before opening. The coconut sugar and cinnamon like to sink + clump up.


There really is a ton of fake stuff in creamers! So many chemicals with names that we can barely pronounce like Carageenan. This one is the worst + one of the most pointless ingredients as its sole purpose is to thicken things. Like, I’m sorry, but I don’t need my coffee creamer thicker at the expense of my health. WHO CARES HOW THICK IT IS.

Cargeenan is destructive to your digestive system. Here, they compare it to that of salmonella. Eww, sicky sicky ew ew EW. They are currently conducting studies to show its effect on colitis + diabetes. + even worse: GI cancer.


Carageenan is a bad fish + it’s in EVERYTHING: Ice cream, nut milks, yogurts, coffee creamers, etc. etc. etc. Make sure you are checking the ingredients list the next time you are at the store. This sneaky villian even shows its ugly face in organic foods so always always check!

Blow that Carageenan off + enjoy this delish coconut milk creamer with your coffee in the morn! + if you like things a little fancy, whip up a Skinny Peppermint Mocha or Skinny PSL.


Coconut milk here | Coconut sugar here

Buying guide here | Sign the ‘Anti-Cargeenan’ petition here

Starbs- You can kiss our butts goodbye: Skinny Peppermint Mocha that’s actually healthy


It is soo depressing + soo disturbing to me to actually know what all goes into our favorite holiday drinks! It’s like they are purposely trying to kill us. The nasty processed sugar + chemicals in these drinks are slowly killing us + TBH, I’m way over it.

Watch this disturbing video to see how unhealthy these drinks are.

Gross, right? + that vid doesn’t even cover any of the harmful chemicals found in these drinks.

You aren’t safe with “sugar-free” either. Just think, in order to remove something, you much replace it with something else. i.e.: remove the processed sugar + replace it with nasty a** sweetened chemicals. Umm EW, no thx.

Coffee shops are super convenient + they do make a dang tasty latte but is it worth it? I’d much rather wake up ten minutes earlier than normal in order to whip up a fresh, healthy latte that does way less harm to my body. You with me?


For fall I was all about pumpkin + the Skinny PSL. + now that it’s Christmas time I am alllllll about peppermint + this Skinny Peppermint Mocha.


Christmas is one of the greatest times of the year. I love love love putting the tree up + watching Christmas movies while laying next to the warm fire. + I love going to bed excited to wake up because I get to have my fav Skinny Peppermint Mocha in the morning’.


Skinny Peppermint Mocha:

  • 1/2 cup full fat coconut milk
  • 1 cup fresh brewed coffee
  • 1 TSP raw cacao powder
  • A few drops of pure peppermint (be sure to start small- you can always add more if needed!)
  • Vanilla stevia


Put the milk into a saucepan over low heat. Whisk in the cacao powder until well mixed + until the milk heats up + starts to steam. Remove from heat + add coffee, peppermint + stevia. Whisk until combined + serve! I got a little festive + added a peppermint stick.


At first I tried this with almond milk + it wasn’t the best because it didn’t have the creaminess needed. Coconut milk seemed to be much better. If you do not like almond milk or coconut milk, feel free to use organic half + half. It would be just as tasty with the half + half!


This is such a simple drink to put together in the morning! + it’s so tasty + good for you! Cacao is full of health benefits! It’s a great source of fiber (healthy bowels- woo!) + full of amazing antioxidants! + pure peppermint helps with respiratory issues, headaches, muscle pain + many other ailments.


Unfortunately, this one was not boyfriend approved. JorBabe loves sweet. Maybe next time I’ll add a little pure maple syrup to his. That just might do the trick;)


Raw Cacao here | Pure Organic Peppermint here | Gold Tray here

Golden Milk: Anything gold hits a soft spot


Gold is one of my favorite colors. Yes, I know it has nothing to do with this drank but still. I love gold + Golden Milk is even more my favie because of this.

Okay, so it’s more yellow than gold but let a girl fantasize.

When I first heard about Golden Milk, I seriously was not interested (except for the whole obsession with anything gold/golden). Who in their right mind would want to drink Turmeric? Disgusting.


But then I read a little more about turmeric + its amazing health benefits + thought I’d give it a shot.

…++++++++ IT’S AMAZING.

A lot of people put it into their fresh juices + now I see why.

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory meaning it fights foreign objects in the body + aids in damage repair.


Some other benefits (full details here) include: increased antioxidant capacity (fights free radicals), improved brain function, lowers risk of brain disease, lowers risk of heart disease, can help prevent cancer + Alzheimer’s, helps treat arthritis, fights depression, + may help delay aging (sign me up!).


As you can see, this should be another amazing addition to your diet. Healthy minds + healthy bodies are where it’s at.


Golden Milk:

  • Step 1: Turmeric Paste
    • 1/4 cup turmeric powder
    • 1/2 TSP groung black pepper (this helps increase your body’s absorption of Turmeric by 2000%! More here)
    • 1/2 cup filtered water

Mix all ingredients in a small pan + stir well. Turn to med-high heat + stir constantly until it forms into a thick paste. This will only take about 1-2 minutes so don’t go anywhere! You do not want to burn this because it will lead to a majorrrrr cough attack. Let cool + keep in a jar in the refrigerator.


  • Step 2: Golden Milk
    • 1 cup almond milk (REMEMBER: NO CARAGEENAN)
    • 1 TSP coconut oil (remember why we LOVE coconut oil)
    • 1/4 TSP or more of turmeric paste (I use about 1 TSP but start small)
    • honey to taste

Throw all ingredients into a pan except for the honey. Constantly stir over med heat for about 2-3 minutes- just don’t let it boil. Pour into your fav mug + add a lil honey!


Anyone have any variations of this? I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk + left out the honey. Such a tasty treat to wake up to! Or even enjoy before bed. You can’t go wrong with a lil warm milk before sleepy time.


Coconut oil here | Turmeric powder here

Later Starbs! This Pumpkin Spice Latte wins.


Soo I totally used to be one of those girls who waited for the return of the Starbucks PSL every year. The day it was back (+ almost everyday for the rest of the PSL season) I was there at Starbucks getting my fill.PumpkinSpiceLatte

Sooner or later I began to really think about what goes into that baby: TONS (I mean TONS) of sugar, IV Caramel Coloring (the absolute worst!) + quite a bit of other junk that does not belong in our body. Food Babe explains the nastiness in full detail here. Knowing what went into it stopped me from ever ordering it again. Along with many other Starbucks drinks.


The terrible news made me a little sad but also super excited to experiment in the kitchen with my own versions. Some were good + some not so good. I’m not one to follow recipes very well. I really like to do my own thing + adjust to what I like + don’t like. With that being said, I never really paid enough attention to the yummy recipes I was creating + was super excited to find that my Spirit Animal had! I checked this recipe out + it was pretty


I substituted coconut sugar for stevia + coconut milk for almond milk + it was just as DELISHH.

Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte:

  • 1/2 cup organic full fat coconut milk (whatever milk you use here, PLEASE make sure it does not contain Carageenan!)
  • 4 TBS organic pumpkin puree
  • 1 TSP pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 TSP vanilla
  • 1 TSP coconut sugar <<I don’t like the way stevia tastes so I prefer the coconut sugar. I also don’t like things too sweet so add a little more if you want it sweeter!>>
  • 1 cup brewed coffee
  • Cinnamon to top off



In a saucepan, mix the coconut milk + pumpkin puree together over medium heat. Remove from heat + add pumpkin pie spice, vanilla + your sweetener of choice (stevia, coconut sugar or even honey would be great!). Combine the milky pumpkin-ness + the coffee in your nutribullet or blender and blend for 30 seconds. Put into a cute lil mug, top with cinnamon + enjoy!


100% real pumpkin has so many health benefits: sharper vision, better immunity, aids in weightless, lowers cancer risk, younger looking skin + may help treat diabetes.

I will gladly eat/drink more pumpkin if it helps with all of the above!


Who needs Starbucks’ PSL when you can make your own skinnier, healthier version!


coconut sugar here | coconut milk here