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Lil Loves: NYE 2015 – Are you ready?!

NYE2015{Ribbon details}

Hokay, I am SOOO ready for some (okay…A LOT) of bubbly + celebrating with my beautiful friends + family! I’m also overly excited for 2015 with all that is going on with this bloggy + my lil bizznass with my BFF, Bowed Arrows <<<lauching Jan. 5th – WOO>>>

Yesterday, we did a couple of interviews with some amazing ladies + will feature them as our Bowed Arrow Babes when the blog launches!

Life has been so busy lately! Two blogs, holiday season, concerts, parties, etc. etc. etc. I am just so ready for a night of relaxing fun!

NYE2015_3{gold fringe everywhere}

NYE2015_8{gold doilies + my fave dessert display}

This year JorBabe + I decided we are way over the whole club scene for NYE. So many people, drink lines that are way too long, + bathroom lines that are even longer. + then you’re there with only a few of your fave people + a ton of strangers. These nights are always so anti-climatic.

This year is going to be a blasty. We are throwing our own lil shindig + could not be more excited! Everyone is going to dress up, nibble on some delish food, play too many games of CAH + beer pong, take too many photo booth pics + get their groove thang on. Talk about starting the New Year right!

NYE2015_9{photo booth props}

NYE2015_7{metallicized champagne bottles}

These are a few snaps I took of the set-up (of course no where near complete but I needed some pics for you all!!). We’re going with black, gold + some silver- glitz everywhere!

We also thought it’d be fun to put up a NY’s resolution banner + have everyone write their NY’s resolutions on it!

NYE2015_4{balloons + NY resolution door banner}

NYE2015_10{confetti-so necessary}

Speaking of resolutions…has anyone made their list yet?! We are starting our year off with a sugar-free, sober January. We did it last year + it felt so amazing to detox from all of the alch/sweets we consumed during the holidays.

I’m also setting some personal goals to read more, take more time for myself + focus on getting back to the shape I was in pre-surgery. Of course I’ll throw in some more detailed ones when Jor + I write our lists out.

NYE2015_5{bottles + horns}

NYE2015_6{my sexy navy lace number♥}

We’ll also be cleaning out our memory jar + reminiscing on all of the fun we had in 2014. This is one of my favorite things to do!

Couples tip: Make a memory jar together + throw in memorabilia from all of the fun things you do. At the end of the year, go through it with your significant other + giggle about all of the fun you had.  Such a great way to get close + connect!

Hope everyone has a safe + fab NYE full of all of the bubbly in the world! xx

Lil Loves: Christmas Edition


 [a stocked wine fridge w/ my fav bubbles]

Anyone else feel like they’ve never been busier in their life?! WTH is going on this year? I feel like the holiday season has come + gone so fast that most people didn’t even realize it was the holiday season! Fewer houses with lights + so many less festive things going on with everyone I know.

My mind is no joke going about a million miles a minute right now. Thankfully my Christmas shopping is complete, presents are wrapped + cookies are baked!


 [my 1st christmas ornament still attached to my stocking]

I hate to say this because I absolutely LOVEEEE the holidays but I cannot wait for them to be over! I am SO ready for 2015 + what it has in store! Anyone else with me?

Geeee, I sound like a total Bah Humbug right now. I promise I’m not. I am still soaking up + enjoying every last second of this wonderful season. Once Christmas Eve hits (oh AWK…that’s today-told you my mind is gone!), I will be able to relax with some nice bubbly + enjoy Christmas with all the friends + fam.

+ then Friday will hit + I’ll be back to GO GO GO until NYE party time!


 [a white + silver Christmas tree]


[new red lip stick]

So excited for today though! We all go to church together + then head over to an awesome neighborhood near my parents for a lil light show. This neighborhood goes ALL OUT. It’s so much fun to walk around + enjoy the lights + each other’s company. I think my favorite thing about it is watching all of the little kiddos. Not only are they dressed adorably, they are all SO flippin’ excited to be there.

Children are my favorite. So un-jaded + in awe with the world. Little reminders for us all to slow down + fall in love with the world around us.


[Christmas baking w/JorBabe BC he does stuff like this♥]


[poinsettias everywhere]

Anyone have any fun traditions they do with their family? Ours is the whole Church + Christmas light thang on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning we all wake slowly + enjoy a cup (or three) of coffee while we open presents and hang out by the fire. After presents we do our little workouts (TBD) + come home to enjoy special treats! Last year we did cinnamon rolls but this year I am thinking of doing a veggie breakfast bake. I found a super awesome recipe that I’m excited to try!!

Merry Christmas Eve, lovers! xx

Lil Loves: Holiday shopping for the wonderful men in your life



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Does anyone else get a little more stuck when it comes to shopping for guys? Girls are easy. Buy us jewelry, handbags or clothes + we are pretty happy. But guys? What the heck do you get them?

SO HARD. Especially when you ask them + they tell you they don’t want anything. That’s a lie. We all know that if they woke up Christmas morning with no gifts, they would be a little upset.

I’m always racking my brain trying to think of the coolest gadgets to get them. I’m still racking my brain on gifts for my brother! + I’m totally getting a little case of anxiety because I like to have my shopping done before the crowds take over all of the shopping malls. Hellooo claustrophobia!

Anywhoo, I’ve found a few cool little gifts or stocking stuffers that are perfect for the boyfran/brother/father/son.

Sporty + Athletic guys will love these baseballs, this GPS heart rate monitor + this super duper cool golf glove. JorBabe LOVES to golf. This would have been the perfect gift for him if I hadn’t already checked him off the list. Next year, babe;)

So many fun gifts for your fav. beer connoisseurs, grill masters, iPhone lovers + travelers.

This speaker is super fun! It’s waterproof so it can be used in the shower + they can answer their phone! Gotta love that bluetooth technology, baby!

If y’all have any ideas on what to get a lil surfer boy with too many surfboards, holler at me. Thanks!

Happy shopping + gift-giving!


Lil Loves: What to get that best gal in your life



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 Honestly, I LOVE shopping for people. Like, A LOT. I think it’s so fun! Butttttttt my bank account doesn’t because I’m totally that girl that does that whole one for you, one for me thang. I can’t help it. I’m out there looking for all these great gifts for friends + family + then I fall in love with so much of what I see!

Like, I totally bought this adorbs little speaker for myself because what room doesn’t need a pop of color?

+ I’m teetering on the edge of purchasing one of these gorge necklaces! IDK if it’s a Libra thing or what but I am totally into pretty rocks + crystals. Growing up, I would spend hours in our backyard digging for rocks. + then hoarding them. I think I need this. Where’s Santa??

these boots + this clutch for your favorite fashionista! Leopard + navy are so hot right now. Love love love.

I also need this MK watch. I have so many but you can never have enough MK. Am I right, ladies?

How about gifts for the fitness guru in your life?! This water bottle is the right kind of motivation they’ll need to keep it up at the gym. If Beyonce can do it, so can you. + then you can spoil them + get them this amazing acupuncture mat (it’s on majorrrrr $ale!!!) . I have not tried it but I’ve heard it’s getting some pretty good reviews. + it’s supposed to be great for helping you sleep soundly through the night!

+ then your BFF or your lovely mama can relax with this amazing oil in the tub while she sips her wine from these freaking cool glasses. + then slips into this sexy number. MeOWW.

These are just a few of the cute things I’ve come across while browsing. If I put everything into this post then you guys would be here until next Christmas. + i’d be broke. No. Joke.

Have fun spoiling your favie women!